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Our lab is running studies for infants and young children! Our lab is open Monday - Friday, 9:00AM - 5:00PM, as well as on selected Saturdays, Sundays, and evenings. If you're interested in visiting the lab for a study, please feel free to call (212-998-7917) or email us ( Looking forward to seeing you in the lab!

  • Happy Snail Trails! Infants can help us explore planar and spherical geometry by watching short animations of happy snails moving along different paths. Can infants tell which snails choose the most efficient paths? Age eligibility: 6.0-7.5-month-olds

  • Look at the Dax! We're interested in studying how language may help infants discriminate objects by their shapes. Can infants use language as a cue to uncover the geometric differences among objects? Age eligibility: 8.5-12.5-month-olds

  • Munchkin Masterpieces! Children explore the world around them by making judgements about geometry. We're studying how young children's drawings can reveal how they analyze different geometric information from their surroundings. Do you know the next Picasso or Leonardo? Bring them to the lab for some fun studies on drawing! Age eligibility: 4.0-5.0-year-olds

  • Coming soon... Crib Logic! This study will explore how infants use process of elimination to form expectations. Do infants understand logic? Age eligibility: 14.0-15.0-month-olds and 17.0-18.0-month-olds

We're very grateful for every family that participates with our lab! At the end of each study, children receive a small gift for their participation. 

Families interested in learning more about other developmental studies being offered at New York University can sign up through Baby & Child @ NYU.

Participate online!

Participate now in Baby Euclid from your home computer!

For infants near their 7-month "birthday": 6.5-7.5-months-old

Duration: 10 minutes

What Happens? Your infant will watch a series of very short videos of two dynamic streams of triangles, one on each side of the screen. On one side, the triangles will be changing in shape and size, and on the other side, they will be changing in size alone. The videos will be sent securely back to our lab, and we will measure how long your infant looks at each of the two streams of triangles to see what kind of changes he or she finds more noticeable and interesting.

What Are We Studying? Although your infant may not have mastered Euclid’s Elements just yet, he or she is already paying attention to the basic shape properties that differentiate among visual forms! We're interested in whether those basic shape sensitivities include the properties essential to Euclidean geometry. If, through studies like this one, we are able to identify what kinds of basic shape properties infants detect robustly, then we might be able to design games that make the analysis of shapes more intuitive for preschool-aged children.

Participate at MoMath!


We're excited to be partnering with the National Museum of Mathematics to promote mathematics exploration, learning, and pedagogy! We're currently conducting a study with 6-12-year-olds, investigating their intuitions about the properties of triangles and other planar figures. Find us at the museum on Sundays from 10:00AM - 5:00PM to participate in our study!

Children who participate at the museum also receive two shapes of constant width, based off of the Coaster Rollers exhibit at the museum. What are shapes of constant with? A shape of constant width is a unique, convex shape in which its width is constant regardless of its orientation. You can read up on Wikipedia about how to make a shape of constant width! If you'd love your own LDM shape of constant width, but can't make it to the museum, check out our shop on Shapeways to buy one in your favorite color!

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Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about our research. We look forward to hearing from you!